Getting Started

bill hat.png

Even if you're an old hand at buying hats, a quick review of the information below will ensure that you get exactly the hat you want.

Besides the size of your hat, there are only two other essential pieces of information that are required to properly customize your hat to perfectly suit you're tastes.  Armed with the information below, you will be fully prepared to choose exactly the hat for you!

Your head shape.  There are three basic head shapes - Regular Oval, Long Oval and Round Oval.

A well crafted custom hat from Mike is designed with a moderate amount of flex at the sweat band.  Over a short period of time, it will mold itself to your head just as will properly sized boots after only a few wearings. 

However, to most effectively create a hat that will fit you perfectly right away, it is essential that we know which of the three basic head shapes you have.

Determining your personal head shape is extremely easy!  Stand with your back to a wall mirror holding a small hand mirror with one hand.  Hold the hand mirror so that you can see the back of your head in the wall mirror.

Next, lean your head back towards the wall mirror and adjust the hand mirror so that you can now see the top of your head.  If required, pull your hair away from your forehead.  You can now see the shape of your head!  Use the diagrams and descriptions below to evaluate which of the three head shapes yours is.



Regular Oval - the most common head shape. If in doubt, you most likely have a regular oval head shape. When viewing your head from the top, your head will appear proportioned as shown in the diagrahm below.


Round Oval - this head shape is extremely rare.  If your head as viewed from above resembles the graphic below, then you are one of those rare individuals who have a wonderfully round head.


Long Oval - those with long oval heads have a more elongated head with proportions similar to those in the graphic below.