sillouette.jpgCustomizing your hat...

We offer a wide array of options allowing you to fully customize your hat to your tastes.

Options fall into three main areas:  the hatband, pencil rolling the brim and the edging around the brim. 

When you order your hat from the appropriate hat category page, you will specify what options you want.  Simply click the pictures to see the full size image.

quarterhorsewhiskeysmall.jpgHat bands

The most popular type of hatband is the matching slender felt hatband with a western buckle such as the one to the right.  Notice that  the hatband color matches that of the hat.  This would be appropriate for any of the rodeo or Old West Classic hats.


cuttercreasemistgraysmall.jpgAnother classic style is the slender ribbon hatband.  The color of the ribbon most often matches that of the felt as shown to the right.

The understatement of this hatband is subtle and stylish.


bankerpecansmall.jpgThe wide ribbon hatband is most often used on derbies and tophats.  It's color often contrasts that of the felt. 

Notice how it complements the Banker hat style to the right.


guswhiskeywithblackedgesmall.jpgBound Edging - Brims

While our hats look outstanding with no edging on the brims, many styles are complimented by it.

The hat to the right has a traditional contrasting bound edge.  Notice how it picks up the color of the wide ribbon hatband.


TomMixIvorywithwrapedgingsmall.jpgWrap edging is also a popular option on many of our Old West Classics. 

Wrap edging looks particularly good with our accessory hat bands shown in the pictures above!


joseywalesgranitegraywithblackedgesmall.jpgPencil Rolled Brims

The Josey Wales to the right shows a pencil rolled brim.  This option is available on any hat and is free of charge!